Photos (© Fernando Alda, photographer):

Plans (© Studio of José Luis Rodríguez Gil):


EPSA  (Public Company of Land of Andalucía)

745,29 m2 terminal – 2.637,34 m2 plot

504.198,60 €

Luis García Cuadri, Álvaro Torres Márquez (Architects) - SYTEC SL (Structure) - Ingeniería Vargas (Installations) - Enrique A. Gómez Mata  (Architectural Technologist) - Guillermo Sevilla Padrón, José Antonio González Vargas (Students)

1ST Prize in Competition

(PLANS) © Studio of José Luis Rodríguez Gil - (PHOTOS) © Fernando Alda, photographer

Long-distance Bus Station

Cardenal Cisneros Avenue – Porcuna, Jaén


Technical data:

We propose a total separation between movement of pedestrians and buses, rewarding the first and organizing the terminal so that the building functions as a filter between both of them.

We want create an environment that welcomes the user: a platform for relationship and intimacy spaces enveloped in an atmosphere almost entirely defined by the particular quality of light passing through the object.

The terminal is posed as an bright and autonomous object: a light cover, dematerialized, that folds to the ground, under which are situated the waiting zones associated to gardens, and the terminal building, that is treated with the same covering, forming a fold more. A terminal different from the usually dark bus stations, obtained by its form and its treatment, letting pass the light through it: roof of translucent polycarbonate, and surface finish on all exposed faces with perforated sheet of galvanized steel .

Along with these general characteristics of the project, we want to emphasize other aspects that attempt to reduce the impact of the building in the environment, seeking to build a simple image construction, functional, with high spaciality, economic and ecological:

  1. -Building light (metal frame), 100% RECYCLABLE, and easily adaptable to new needs, being the interior elements conceived as "furniture".

  1. -Search for "zero maintenance", using materials and construction elements added unfinished, with a perforated metal covering that performs many functions simultaneously: provide spaciality to the proposal (allows "blurred" of the various projected environments, integrating and separating simultaneously), security (acts as a fence), sunscreen, and economy in construction, maintenance and future recycling.

  1. -Elimination of harmful elements in construction, such as PVC (polypropylene tubes sanitation, drainage cover of synthetic rubber and halogen-free cable), and synthetic paints and varnishes.

  1. -Reuse of rainwater for irrigation of gardens designed, with a concrete cistern which stores the water collected on deck and drainage ditches under the gardens, whith native deciduous species, used as sunscreen in summer in the most exposed areas (south and west ).

  1. -The asphalt extended in the area of access and maneuver is done with input from recycled tire rubber.

Bus Station

(Recyclable building) - Porcuna, Jaén